March 12, 2023


I have been doing some serious studying about so many different things that have happened in history as far as Christianity and paganism are concerned… and was torn apart to discover that almost all the “traditions” we practice, and things that we take for granted, stem from pagan worship against YHWH!

I began thinking… Where is the truth in our “religion”? What are the reasons behind how we worship as we do? I’m talking about the mannerisms… the things we say and do to worship our God? How does OUR GOD truly want us to worship Him? What does He think of the ways we are doing it now? There are so many “denominations”… so many “cults”, so many different ways we worship… But do we really KNOW… or care… how God wants us to love and serve HIM?

It is so simple… yet we all have “missed the boat” by blindly practicing the traditional behaviors of our ancestors… even if we don’t realize the history behind it all. The things I have discovered on this topic have disgusted and appalled me! These “traditions” that we think are a way of worshiping our God… have been taken from worship of satanic principles and influence… and even to worshiping that lying demon himself!

How can we, who claim to truly love God, accept and practice them, while saying, at the same time, “we have adapted them to our modern day worship of our God”??? That in itself is heresy and blasphemy!

God specifically tells us in Jeremiah NOT to follow in their traditions…

Jer 3:13 Only acknowledge your iniquity, that you have transgressed against the LORD your God, and have scattered your ways to the strangers under every green tree, and you have not obeyed my voice, says the LORD.

Jer 10:2-5 Thus says the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them. For the customs of the people are vain: for one cuts a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold (and other ornaments); they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not. They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good.

Jer 10:8 But they are altogether brutish and foolish: the stock is a doctrine of vanities.

If you all knew how the “Christmas” tree came to be, you would NEVER want to put another one up again! They crucified God’s people, long before Christ was born, on evergreen trees and used them (the heads) as… “ornaments”… and gave gifts to each other in celebration!!! It started in what is known now as Germany.

What I’m saying is this… How can we follow pagan traditions and still claim to be worshiping the one TRUE God? I get shunned and hated for saying this. But did Jesus care if He hurt the Pharisee’s and Sadducee’s (they were sad u see – because they did not believe in the resurrection) feelings and made them angry? I think not! So how can I follow these false practices, “as long as the TRUTH is being spoken”

Even though people say they don’t know the true date of Christ’s birth (the star the shepherds followed was discovered and traced back to September 11-18th 03 b.c.- not December 25th), they say, “I will worship when and how I want”… key words WHEN, HOW and I! What we should say is boldly, “What about what GOD WANTS AND COMMANDS?” Are we going to totally ignore HIS warnings about following after these demonically influenced traditions? That’s exactly what they want us to do.

Col 2:8 Beware lest any man spoil (destroy) you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world (who is the god of this world? hasatan -the evil ones), and not after Christ.

Who is the one we are worshiping when we put up this “tree”? certainly not the birth of our Savior, Christ Jesus – for He was not born on that day at all! “Oh, it’s just a tradition that my family has followed for a long time”… to which I say, “it’s a just a tradition that worships the pagan god Dagon every time it’s done, whether people believe it or not! and one which you should put away.”

I know some of you (mostly unbelievers) may curse me for bringing out the truth… and you may even leave this site… but never the less, as a servant of THE most High God… it is a risk I am willing to take to save souls from the devils grip…. It is my responsibility to warn everyone of the dangers of following after these practices. I can’t “just stand around penny anti-ing” without letting the TRUTH of God’s Word be known. I alone will be held responsible in God’s eyes… whether I condone them or not…

Jer 2:8 The priests said not, Where is the LORD? and they that handle the law knew me not: the pastors also transgressed against me, and the prophets prophesied by Baal, and walked after things that do not profit.

Jer 23:1 Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD (by teaching and condoning false practices and doctrine). Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; You have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, says the LORD.

I can’t just sit by and allow this to happen to God’s people! The following verse is what I feel God called me for…

Jer 3:15 And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

James 5:19-20 Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him; Let him know, that he which converts the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.

OK, so yea, I’m greedy in wanting God’s love and approval. I teach, and love and (try to) convert so that God can bless me. But not only that, I do it because I love God and I love His people!

Don’t take offense… for offense of God, is acceptance of hasatan (Hebrew for evil one).

Rom 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine (of God) which you have learned; and avoid them.

These divisions are the doctrines of man… which teach that “it’s okay to practice as we tell you to… the lies and traditions that we condone”…

I sincerely hope…no… I pray that you follow God’s Truth and ignore the practices of man.

As I was reading what I wrote above, I wanted to add a bit more without changing what was written. So the following may be a reiteration of the above. Bare with me. 😀


Have you ever wondered what the Christmas Tree has to do with the Birth of Christ? Or the ornaments you place on the tree, or the meaning of the word, ‘YULE-TIDE?’ Or where the tradition of the mistletoe came from and how it became a symbol of Christmas? Reader, they have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the birth of Jesus, but are just some of the traditions observed to honor the birth of pagan god-child Tammuz. There is no Scriptural evidence that supports the Birth of Christ as being December 25th; but history does says December 25th was kept thousands of years before the Birth of Christ, in honor of the pagan “Dagon”. Another name for Tammuz, the pagan god-child, was ‘Baal-bereth,’ which means: ‘Lord of the Fir-Tree.’

“The sun-god”, the “mother goddess”, and her son, according to Babylonian mythology, were mystically changed into trees. This is the origin of burning the Yule Log. Nimrod, deified as the “sun god” was symbolized by a big fir tree stripped of all its branches and cut almost to the ground. But the great serpent which symbolized the life restorer, whose name is Aesculapius, twists itself around the dead stock and lo, at its side a young tree – a tree of an entirely different kind, which is destined “never to be cut down by hostile power”; even the palm tree, the well known symbol of victory. People of “Aryan stock” (so called pure white people – with no mixture) who believed that the oak tree was a symbol of Zeus or Jupiter, believed that this branch was of mistletoe which grew on the oak tree, and those who kissed under the mistletoe would insure fertility.


“Now take the word ‘Yule-tide”. The word yule is as Babylonian as Tammuz. The word yule is the Chaldee word for infant or little child, and the 25th of December was called by the pagan Anglo-Saxons,’Yule-day,’ or Child’s Day. The pagan Egyptians, and the Persians both observed the 25th of December as the birthday of their pagan god.

In German mythology, there was a supreme god to whom they gave sacrifice. These warlike people promised their god, whose name was Tiwaz, that if he would give them victory over their enemy, they would give to their god all the spoils of the battle. Like the Babylonians, they believed their gods could transform themselves into trees. If the god answered their prayers, they took their dead victims along with the spoils of war, and dragged them to their sacred grove, and there hung them on their sacred trees. Such offering’s (skeletons) have been discovered in the bogs in Germany. This is the origin of hanging ornaments from the “Christmas Tree”.

People of God, it is impossible to ignore the pagan “Festival of Christmas”. The world is “commemorating the Birth of Christ”, not Tammuz. There is an advantage during this season to teach the real Christ – the reason for the Bible. However, we should keep ourselves from the vanities of the pagan festivals, not to mention the cost, and the deaths caused by lighted “Christmas Trees”.

There is, however, an opportunity during the “Christmas Season” with its beautiful music, to make others aware that Christ is no longer a helpless babe in a manger, but is the Savior of the world, the King of kings, THE Lord of lords. Many who think the Bible and its message is foolishness can be reached during this time, where it would be almost impossible to talk to them any other time. Even the tree can be used to teach the children a great lesson. The children should be taught that it is a historical fact that placing bulbs, tinsel, and lights on a Christmas Tree is pure paganism and against God’s Word.

This pagan custom began with killing enemies and hanging their heads and spoils from pagan sacred trees. They said “it would not be a “sin” if an evergreen tree was set up in the church during the Christmas Season if it was done only to be an object lesson.” If people would take the money they spend each year on Christmas trees, bulbs, lights, and expensive presents, and give the money, instead, as an offering to reach out with the preaching of the Good News, and to help the poor, would not the Lord be pleased with such a self-sacrifice?

Better yet, wouldn’t it be even better to share your love ALL year round, and just not acknowledging such a paganistic holiday as “Christmas”?

Jesus Himself warns us against following after these traditions and practices:

Matt 15:1-2 Then came to Jesus scribes and Pharisees, which were of Jerusalem, saying, Why do your disciples transgress the tradition of the elders? for they wash not their hands when they eat bread.

:3-6 But he answered and said unto them, Why do you also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition. For God commanded, saying, Honour your father and mother: and, He that curses father or mother, let him die the death. But you say, Whosoever shall say to his father or his mother, It is a gift, by whatsoever you might be profited by me; And honour not his father or his mother, he shall be free. Thus have you made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition.

:7-9 You hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, This people draw nigh unto me with their mouth, and honour me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

:10-11 And he called the multitude, and said unto them, Hear, and understand: Not that which goes into the mouth defiles a man; but that which comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.

:12 Then came his disciples, and said unto him, Know you that the Pharisees were offended, after they heard this saying?

:13-14 But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father has not planted, shall be rooted up. Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

:15 Then answered Peter and said unto him, Declare unto us this parable.

:16-20 And Jesus said, Are you also yet without understanding? Do not you yet understand, that whatsoever enters in at the mouth goes into the belly, and is cast out into the draught? But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: These are the things which defile a man: but to eat with unwashed hands defiles not a man.

My beloved people. I plead with you to eschew the traditions of man, and instead, turn to God and HIS ways. for His ways bring life and peace.

I realize that the following verse is in the Old Testament, but it is also for all those who follow after God, and not after man:

Deut 8:6-10 Therefore you shalt keep the commandments of the LORD thy God, to walk in his ways, and to fear him. For the LORD thy God brings you into a good land, a land of brooks of water, of fountains and depths that spring out of valleys and hills; A land of wheat, and barley, and vines, and fig trees, and pomegranates; a land of oil olive, and honey; A land wherein you shalt eat bread without scarceness, you shalt not lack any thing in it; a land whose stones are iron, and out of whose hills thou may dig brass. When you have eaten and are full, then you shalt bless the LORD thy God for the good land which he hath given you.

Don’t follow after the traditions of man, but follow rather after God.

I hope this has been a help and a blessing to you.

Keep your wicks trimmed and your lamps filled! The KING is coming soon!