February 10, 2012

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Give Credit to those those who deserve it.

One thing that no one likes is for someone else (person B) to take all the credit for something they (person A) helped with or did themselves, as if they (person B) did it all by and for their own selves. That, for one thing is down right selfish and evil and in some aspects illegal. It is also an abomination before The Lord, and a really dirty trick! Saying “I did this all by myself, with no one’s help”, knowing that it is not true, is a lie of omission and theft of an idea.

Being honest, telling the truth will have better and give more positive results. Telling the truth, even though it may keep you from a possible earthly profit, will bring a blessing of better spiritual profits. Spiritual profit is better and more beneficial.

Let me say, that it is GOD who had the idea first. Credit must always be given to Him first!

Jeremiah 10:23 tells us that everything we do is directed by God. All our steps. He gives us the ideas, the power to achieve our ideas, and everything else that has to do with our lives.

 Daniel 4 talks about Nebuchadnezzar and what happened to him for taking credit for what God had done.

 Those who would claim that ideas are their own, are stealing those ideas that God meant for the other person to benefit from. You may think you’ve gained a profit by this, but remember: as you sow, so shall you reap.

 Gal 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sowes, that shall he also reap.

 We must give credit to those who had the idea. It’s just the right thing to do. Anyone who says they wrote a book or poem, or painting, or an idea that someone else did, is against the law; especially if it copywritten. It’s just greed.

 However, if these aforementioned are not copywritten, but something someone said in passing, or drew or wrote, or painted, etc., it is hard to prove that it came from them; and so is easy to be claimed by others of immoral and greedy character.

But, you can rest assured, God knows the truth and WILL make them take responsibility for that action sometime during their life.

Teachers should be given credit for those things they taught us. They spent years in college learning how to teach. Many of them spend their own money for the supplies used to teach! Even those who didn’t go to college, yet take time to teach others those things they learned by experience during their lives, deserve credit for sharing it. Authors should be given credit for those things written in their books. Authors should also give credit to those who gave them the idea for said books, i.e., someone who had the idea to write on that topic, or those who did the research or studied to learn about the subject that the author uses in their books like archaeology, or science, etc.

On the internet, there is so much knowledge shared!  Work that others have done, such as in graphics programs or posts written, etc.: A link to or information given about the site is a must now, according to internet law and etiquette! 

I think you (should) get the idea here. In other words… do not take all the credit for something you did, that was someone else’s idea in the first place. Give credit to those who helped you accomplish your goal. Give credit to GOD! Put some kind of mention of their help in or on the article you did.


Remember:  God IS watching and knows ALL.